In-game currency
Pagan Gods has it own currency - discover it in the following article.
In-game currency
Since the old days, and long before the emergence of minted money (which, in turn, mainly consisted of precious metals), our ancestors used valuable animal furs as a yardstick and medium of exchange.

FUR is the main token in the world of Pagan Gods.

Fur constitutes one of the most important, crucial and valuable items for you. It is required in the process called "evolution" — while obtaining FUR, you can level up and strengthen your heroes.

What else makes our in-game currency so practical and adds value to it? You can withdraw FUR tokens (which you gain through game while demonstrating skill and talent) and sell them on the exchange (FUR/USD pair). Valorous warriors must be rewarded!
How to acquire FUR
How to acquire fur in Pagan Gods:

Clearly, you can buy FUR on the exchange and and then apply it in the game. But it's a lot more fun to win it! Get fur for victory on the field of battles, complete tasks or just participate in some eventful activities.

• Tasks
Every singe day you receive a list of quests. By completing them, you can benefit from getting FUR token (that often, although not always, becomes a reward for the successful implementation of the task's requirements). The more missions you undertake, the more flurry fur you earn in return! :)

• Battles
For winning the fierce fightings that take place upon the sands of Arena, we confer honor and distinction to our noble warriors in the form of FUR and Cups of Glory!

• Events
By participating in various activities, you will receive a fair amount of tokens along with impressive trophies.