Besides levels and experience you can improve your hero with equipment - discover how!
Where can you procure a new cuirass? Where to hammer out a unique sword which will crush your opponents? Come to the Blacksmith — that guy will never let you down!

The Blacksmith shop operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its services allow you to forge equipment that will increase your hero's attack damage and/or his health. Everybody likes bonuses, aren't you? ????

There is only 2 types of equipment within the precincts of Pagan Gods universe.

Here they are:

  • armor
  • weapon
As a rule, each type has 6 possible levels of rarity.

How to upgrade these levels? Each category of rarity requires a certain amount of elements and fur.

Timeworn equipment can be remelted back into elements, but some random part of them may be lost in the process.

More importantly, in order to increase equipment's durability (so it won't break during the battle), you have to keep an eye on its condition from time to time: the armor should be patched up, and the sword should be sharpened.

You will find more information about each type of equipment in the forthcoming articles.