Discover Player vs Environment mechanics: FUR and resources mining.
Where can you go to practice before a PvP match? Where to earn trophies for your accomplishments in the form of new cards and rare resources? You're Goddamn Right, that's war patrol!

How to launch an expedition:

  • Enter the Tavern
  • Select «Campaign»
  • Recruit a team composed of 5 heroes (choose from available NFT hero cards)
  • Click on the «Start campaign» button
Choose an expedition in full conformity with the difficulty that preferred for you, as well as desired reward. For example, if your fighting force consist of «ordinary» heroes (and the campaign's difficulty is «harder than hard»), the final reward is very high. But as you have probably guessed, the probability of successful outcome is extremely low.

Perhaps, the best strategy in the beginning is to choose a campaign with less difficulty, level up your heroes, and then proceed with conquering higher peaks in order to get more experience, resources and unique cards!

After you've made up your mind about campaign's specifics, you need to build a team. It is best to choose a squad of the same race, and don't forget about combining active abilities (skills) — heroes can complement each other, thereby increasing the probability of victory.

All right, you've assembled your team, it's time to hit the road and seek valuable items!

There are numerous game strategies to increase your chance of acquiring new NFT cards. Encourage your faithful warriors, and embark on a crazy adventure across Pagan Gods!