discover Player vs Player mechanics to improve your fight skills
PvP (Player versus Player) is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game, which means that your chances of success and well-deserved victory are highly dependent on your agility and knack: the faster you can built strong and long combos of stones, the greater the likelihood that your opponent will be destroyed.

While playing PvP mode, your team (pool of heroes) no longer has "shared" (common) health. Every single one of characters has its own health points which constitute hero's health reserve. If your character takes damage, he loses some quantity of these points (hit points), regardless of whether other members of the team were hit (i.e. were subjected to an attack).

What's the point of being the participant of fist fights, you might ask? The answer is obvious: for gold, of course! The champion deservedly gets the credit and valuable reward.
Engage into battle with a team of 5 heroes. Shift the race stones in such a way that it forms a combination of 3 (or even more) stones. Once you manage to build a required combination, your heroes pounce on the enemy.

What characters will launch an attack? That's up to you! As already mentioned, every race has its own stone — build a combo of the preferable one, and watch your warriors crush the rivals:
⁃ collect 3 beast stones — all animals of your force will strike
⁃ collect 5 human stones — all the representatives of the human race are assaulting
⁃ etc.

We recommend that you collect 4 or 5 stones for the heaviest attack. While in combination, each additional stone (after the 3 main ones) improves your damage output by 20%!

Notice that when you move one of the stones, all other stones (that stand in the way) are displaced as well. Consequently, you can use this feature to create multiple combinations in any available direction — and this, in turn, allows you to perform several massive assaults in a single turn. Moreover, each new combo after the first one gives your attack damage additional 20% bonus!
Put together card stones to heal your squad. Heart combinations work in the same way every other combo works.

By default, your soldiers automatically chose a target to take down, but you can decide for yourself which opponent's heroes should be eliminated (by clicking on them in the beginning of your turn)

Pay attention: collecting a combination of 5 or more stones provides an opportunity for your team to launch a massive attack upon every character enemy's detachment.