Rarity levels
discover rarity levels of cards to make your game navigation easy.
Rarity levels of cards.

Pagan Gods is a unique system of digital items that interact with one another.

You can procure/purchase the following:

  • Heroes
  • Weaponry
  • Familiars (supernatural entities that would assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic)
There are 6 levels of digital item rarity in Pagan Gods:⁃ Ordinary (white color)
⁃ Unusual (green)
⁃ Seldom (blue)
⁃ Epic (purple)
⁃ Legendary (golden)
⁃ Mythical (red)

The picture below represents the sketches of the hero cards that together form a universe of Pagan Gods. You're gonna need them to earn in-game currency (tokens) through battles, as well as participate in trading process where you can buy/sell these cards (which, in turn, constitute a variety of characters).

In the following announcements we will discuss:
⁃ Hero's levels and evolution
⁃ How to increase the hero's rarity rate
⁃ Weaponry and Familiars
⁃ How NFT cards interact between each other